Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I wish every one Happy and safe Holiday, which ever one you celebrate, for me it is Christmas and I am going to son's for a few days, we sure have a white Christmas, it seems to snow every day

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

sp 13 2nd question

yes i did some knitting for christmas and i have finished, i only knit l pair of socks as i knit mitts and hats for charity

Thursday, December 11, 2008

coffee swap

i received the most lovely package today from pal anne
i got 1 ball of opal sock yarn in a pretty pinky mauve color
2 balls of optimum in a rose color
2 balls of patons stretch socks in a pink color ways
1 large white mug
starbucks coffee
stitch markers with the coffee theme
betty cro cker calorie wise dessert mix
a coffee theme kitchen set
abeautiful hand made browm bag
all very nice
still dont know how to put pictures on my blog
thnaks again anne

Monday, December 8, 2008


sorry i missed the contest, but i did find a few,

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I had avery busy week , monday shopping, tuesday was our little knitting bee, at mary's very nice lunch, wednesday we went to lunch with my boss, the meal was excellent, and i saw all the old gang, thursday i went to lunch with my friend marg, we always go to scores which is a chicken place, friday i went to kays and we made things for the baby shower she was going to. friday nite i slept at peter;s and all day saturday i was at peters we went shopping, made cookies with tina's boys we had fun. aiden started to crawl up one step and he nows has 7 teeth,
I knit 3 pairs mitts for the mitten tree, on tuesday night, and will make some shortbread fro the Montreal kniitng guild. it is our xmas party. i am now knitting socks

Saturday, November 29, 2008


questionnaire for SP13
I thankful for my family and friends, my lovely granddaughter and my great grand sons,
also for all the yarn i need to knit many things, and a nice place to live

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SP13 questionaire

no 1== I like most yarns but i hate coton and acyrlic

no-2-i store my needles in proper containers for the needles

no 3- i have been knitting for 60 plus years and was taught by my grandmother, i consider myself an intermediate knitter

no-4no i dont have a list on amazon

no 5- my favorite scent is lavender or citrus

no6-yes i have a sweet tooth but am unable to eats junk food

no 7- i dont spin and i do card making

no8-my music is easy listening

no9-my favourites are pink, purple, blues and i hate yellow and brown

no 10-am a widow and live alone and no pets
no 11- i do wear hats mitten and scarves

no 12- i like to knit mostly small thing, socks hats scarves sha wls

no13- i have a shawl and socks on the needle now

no14-yes i like hand made gifts

no 15- i prefer circular and bamboo

no 16-yes i have a swift and ball winder

no 17.-my oldest ufo i s 2 months old

no 18=my favorite holiday id Christmas

no 19-i collect sheep ( no real ones HA 0o

no20-i subscribe to almost all the most magazines and the only needles i want are ther expensive one the square on

no 21-not really no new technique

no22-yes i am a sock knitter and i take size 8 shoe

no23- my birthday is February 2

no 24 yes i am on raverly and in ID is rubes

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

answers to the questions

the first cup of coffee wakes me up
yes i drink coffee daily
i take my coffee with creamer
i drink it while on the computer

Thursday, October 30, 2008

answer to question no 2

when i was kid i loved Halloween, as i lived in the country and every one knew every one and we had no where to buy costumes, we made our own, we used a pillow case for the mask with the eyes , nose and mouth cut out, we had to find clothes that no one woulkd reconize as when we went to the houses they tried to guess who we where, so much fun, now i live to see the kids in all there costumes especially the little ones

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Saturday and Sunday , i took a work shop with Beth Brown-Reinsel, she is an excellent teacher, Sat, we made a mitten, of course i only got the cuff done but that is akay as i know how to do fair isle, Sun,we made a mini sweater , loved doing it, i didnt finish it but did on monday , i love the way the cast on is done for sweaters,no more ribbing for me, of course i bought 2 of her patterns,
yesterday (monday) was very rainy and windy but no snow, today i am going to my granddaughters new apartment to help her. iam still knitting on the shaw about half way then to the frill.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

autumn coffee swap question no 1

my answer is i love the colours of the trees and the nice sunny days ( if we have any)

Monday, October 20, 2008


question no 4 should of read socks instead of cocks, sorry

Sunday, October 19, 2008

questions for coffee swap

no 1 i knit started when i was 7 years old
no.2 wood needles and circular
no3. socks and scarves
no 4.
cocks scarves baby things shawls
mo5. socks and a shawl
no6. merion alpaca, silk
no7. pastels, varigated
cooffee; no 1, any kond
no2. medium
no3, ground
no4. creamers
no5. taste
no6. yes, tim hortons, second cup
no 7 in a mug
no 8. sweet
about me
no1, card making
no2; sheep
no3. nice cool sunny days
no4. vanilla, apple fruity
no 5 melons
no 6 yes rubes
no 7 knitting with friends,

sunday again

i had full week, tuesday swimming, ww anf the mkg meeting, there were owners from a wool store there with samples, very nice people, and they have a nice store as i have been there twice, wednesday i went to the theater to see scorches , very good then 4 of us went for supper in old montreal, it was such a nice night we just walked around for a bit, thursday nothing, friday shopping and saturday i went shoppong with doreen and emilia . i bought emilia winter coat, then they came here for supper, i had roast pok, carrots, turnips, parsnips, and potatoes and for sdesset i made an angel food cake with strawberries and dream whip, aiden was such a good,
on kbittinbg my shawl is coming along well and so are my socks. it is beautful fall day here in montreal sunny and all the colors fo the trees

Sunday, October 12, 2008


today is going to be a lazy day with knitting, a lady from WW gave 6 baby sets, for the guild,i hae to put ribbon in the bonnets and sew on buttons they are so cute, i sorted out my clothes and 3 bags to give to the handicap. gpt my stocking filled with goodie to be sent to my pal, since i dont have any one to share a turkey with i will order chichen from the restaurant, hope all my canadian friends have a happy thanksgiving.

Friday, October 3, 2008


i had a funny experience today, i met a friend for lunch at scores and had to visit the rest room, so I walked into and went in one stall, did my business and came out and there was a man there . so i said you are in the wrong room. no he said I was, we had a great laugh, as there was no urnials in sight. marg was with me she was embarassed but i thought it was funny and did the man . then i went to the cafe and met shirley and barb and drank coffee and sat knit until five then i came home and supper, it is cold so tomorrow i wil clean the heaters aand put the heat on
yesterday i spent part of the day with emilia, aiden and doreen, emilia went loking for an apaertment.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am very sad today as itr is the anniversary of husband death, it doesnt seen like 11 years, he left without saying good bye, at the place he hated the Quebec gouverment for my work, I still miss him more every day .
wish he could see emilia and aiden, but maybe he does and is looking out for them
i am going swimming today,

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I received my package from emily my partner, she really spoiled me, she sent cashmere in the natural color, a nice lace scarf pattern to go with it, a vogue knitting magazine, some chocolate , and some stitch markers, all very nice, picture later if i can figure out how to put them on my blog.
anks emily

Sunday, September 14, 2008


tomorrow is the fifteenth of sept. i dont know where the time goes, it is rainy today so knit,
yesterday i went clothes shopping but didnt find anything, my current clothes are too big for me know.
baby Aiden has 1 tooth, and he is getting so big, i bought him a jolly jumper. i hope he likes it
my daughter in law and step grand kids have gone to Austria , to the grand mother as she is not well
we started our knitting bee, we meet once a month, for lunch, there re five of us, we eat, drink wine, talk, and knit or help each other with our problems, also the montreal kntting guild started up again, it second tuesday of each month. i also started senior swimming on tuesday afternon and hope to start aqua fitness next thursday, so i have to keep busy.
till next time

Thursday, August 28, 2008

SP12 question no 12

i am proud that i knit a fan and feather scarf, for some reason i couldnt knit that pattern, (all in my head)
the thing i knit was a swater had problem and when i finished it the sleeves were down to the floor, i throw it in the garabage.
i have to sew the buttons on Aiden;s sweater and the i will start a shawl i have toknit for a co worker,

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am having a bad day with my eatiing, i think i could eat almost anything,
i am almost finished Aiden's sweater, only the bands and to sew it up,
then i start a shawl for a coworker to give her friend.
.our summer has finally arrived, nice sunny days.

Friday, August 22, 2008

SP12 question #11

the best thing i ever recevied in the mail was letters from my late husband when we were going out together before we married,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sp 12 question

what is your knitting most like in the olympics,
i really dont know,

in knitting news i have just a bit more to do on aiden's sweater and then i start a shawl for a co worker. in grey silk.
have to work on the shower favors and games gifts today

Thursday, August 7, 2008


today was emilia's eithteenth birthday, so i took her shopping, she got a pr. of grey dress pants, 2 pr. jeans, 2 tops, a pr of shoes, ans 2 shirts for alex and i got a n outfit for aiden, and emilia got an outfit for cindy's baby,
then we had lunch in the food court, i had chop crazy , which is a salad bar, you make your own salads. thery have everything there, and then the lady chopps up ypur salad and is served in a stainless sttel mixing bowl, really neat.
emilia had subways.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

sp12 questions

this weeks question is do you ever enter enything in a fair
no i have not, but there is one every in Brome i go sometimes but dont enter anything, there are a lot of lovely things there. some members of our guild do enter and win
in knitting i am almost finished the baby sweater with the rose buds, it is so pretty and i am proud of it . will try to get a oicture up on it later,

it is so rainy today , and dark a good day for knitting

Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1

my day got off to a bad start, first i had to take the bus and didnt have a pass for aug, so put in change 2.75 and it should of only been 1.75 for senior, then on the bus a guy got took my tranfer and gave me his, when i got on the 106 bus the transfer was no good, lucy for me a ;ady was on the 113 bus and was taking the 106, so she told the bus driver i had paid on the 113.
then i went and did my errands, and when i got home the mailman had left a notice i have a register letter which i cant get until sat afternoon, when i get a register letter i get nervous as i dont what it could be.
i have started knitting the baby sweater for the 4th time, hope it works okay as i need it for the 17th, guess my day could of been worse ,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sp12 question

my favorite summer supper, is ham and potatoe salad
recipe for potato salad is
cook potatoes with skins on the day before, then peel and cut in small cubes, add hard boiled eggs, onions, and celery and mix with mayo .
i havent been knitting lately but am to lazy and family problems,
have to get a grip oin myself,

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday I had to go buy a new fridge, as i live in an apartment, i could onluy get one 64 inches, so much choose,
i havent been knitting i have been placing jig saw puzzles, i only do 750 , or 500 or 300 pices 300 i like best ad the pieces are big and bright in coors, but do have to knit, on ythe baby sweater, .

Thursday, July 24, 2008


i forgot to mention i got my yarn wollmeise from germany yestrday , very nice blues anf purple , igot up early one friday morning to order it. you have to be quick to get some and you dont know when she will post

sp12 question 7

my favorite place to knit is my chair in front of the t v and the doctor offices and with friends,
my supplies, my tape measure, scissors, crochet hook, paper and pencil to mark my rows, stitch markers

on other news, nothing special. knitting a sweater for my niece who is expecting a girl in september. then 1 have 2 shawls to knit

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


question no 6 , what knitting do you take on vacation or holiday. I

I usualy take socks as they are to pack and can be knit anywhere.

Friday, July 11, 2008

its friday

yesterday i went to swim in sept granddaughter new pool (salt water and heated) but not a very good day as it was cool and cloudy.
today i feel like runnung awaay . i just wish people would get along , and like each other, and of course i am stuck in the middle,
on good newa i was able to order 2 skeins of fluffy wollmeise yarn in a blue . not an easy chore,
hve a good week

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

question of the week

where is my favorite place to vacation or holiday
; ; it is kingston, i go there twice a year

whre would i like to go Gaspe, my birth place

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sp12 question no 4

the yarn that would make my stash complete ( are two expensive yarns that i dont expect any one to give) they are quivet and tilly thomas
the yarn i cant be without is sock yarn


here it is july already , the summer is going and all we have is rain. i took a drop spindle spinning class on sunday, i wasnt to impressed. but the lys has some lovely yarn, the first time i visited there,
on canada day i went to my friends and lunch and supper there. we knit and wound some of her yarn into balls from skeins,
today is laundy day .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

question of the week

how much is too much stash,
i love yarn but i get too much i panic and have to give it away alto i have lots of sock yarn and other for sweaters, but any amount for big articels i panic as i know i will never knit but i love year, mostly on small quanties

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

tuesday again

it is cold and rainy today, i have my shawl blocking will take a photo after and try to put on my blog
to day is a holiday here in quebec, so i will be going to my sons for supper, we are going to hve salmon

Thursday, June 19, 2008

sp12 question

question no 2 , my favorite thing about summer vacation was to go bare foot and go to the river ti swim . that was when i was a kid, we lived in the country, with no t v etc that was in the 40s . so we were outside most of the time and no one went on vacation in those dqys .

Sunday, June 15, 2008


yesterday was WWKIP day for the knitters, we went to the church where we always go for our meeting, but sat outside in the garden 14 members attended, we had a great time, no rain . i am still working on my shawl and a baby sweater for my niece whi is expecting a girl in sept .
today i am going to my son 's for fathers day, there will be a lot of people.
for a bar b que

Thursday, June 12, 2008

sp12 question

the question is what is your favorite summwer drink
answer is ice tea

Monday, June 9, 2008

monday morning

i signed up for the Sp12, the matches are out, , i am excited to get going, it s very hot here in montreal, too hot to knit, but i will have my ac's in tonight,
i am still knitting on the shawl and thenhave to a baby sweater for my niece who is expecting a girl in S ept. baby aiden isnt feeling well, so hope he soon gets better ,

Saturday, May 31, 2008

secret pal 12 continued

no 14 do you like to receive homemade gifts yes
no 15 do you prefer straightm circular needles, i prefer circular and bamboo
no 16 do you own a yarn winder and /or swift yes to both
no 17 how old is you oldest ufo , about 2 months
n o 18 what is your favorite holiday
no 19 is there anything you collect , no
no 20 any books , yarn needles you would like to get your hands on yes square needles
no 21 are there any new techn iques i would like to learn , how to enlarge a pattern
no 22 are you a sock knitter and my shoe size is 8.50
no 23 when is your birthday february 2
24 are you on ravelry, yes id rubes

secret pal 12

no 1 what is your favorite yarn, wool, alpaca , sock yarn, merino
no 2 what do you store your needles in i have needle trees
no 3 how long have you been knitting, 60 plus years, my grandmother taught me when i was 6 or so, i consider myself intermediate
no4 do you have an amazon list, no
no 5 what is your favorite scent; lavender

no 6 do you have a sweet tooth, yes i love chocolate.
no 7 what other crafts do you do, i made cards and no i dont spin
no 8what kind of music do i like, easy listening
no 9what are my favorite colors, purple, pinks, i cant stand yellow, black and brown
no 10 do you wear scarves, yes
no 12 what is you favorite thing to knit, most anything
no 13 what i have on the needles 2 shals, baby sweater and socks,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

baby aiden

Sunday was baby Aiden's baptism, he was such a good boy and never cried, we had a lovely lunch at the grandparents home, beautiful day so we sat outside, and he got lovely gifts,
i have finished knitting a shawl and have started another one and am on the foot of the second sock, yesterday we had our knitting bee, there is 5 members, we had it at Mary's where her hisband did a bar b que, hambergers and hot dogs, french fries, cole slaw, wine of course, for desseet rice pudding, tarts, coffee all very nice, Pat is knitting a vest , Kay a scarf and Edna a scarf myself socks ans mary was helping Pat, so a very nice day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ufo trip

the first weekend of may the knitting guild 6 of us went on a ufo (unfinished objects )
we went to Kingston, where we had a blast, we met up with two of my friends from there and we went yarn shopping and also to a mill where they make yarn , we had a good time.
i am still working on my socks and shawl, on my shopping venture i bought yarn for my nieces little girl to be born in sept.
lastr night at the meeting we have stash sale and elected new executive committee.
sunday little aiden is being baptist.
his ful name will be aiden james.

Monday, April 21, 2008

work shop

a few weeks ago , the MKG had a work shop with Sally Melville, she is the best I learnt so much with her, on Sunday I went to see Swan Lake on ice, very very good, can the Russians skate, it was in the theater, so they made special ice.
in the knitting news I am knitting a shawl in pink alpaca, for my sister,
the first of May we go to our annual UFO , this year it is in Kingston, we will visit a lot kniting place, so should have a good time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

april 1st

march was suppose to out like a lamb, but it snowed
sunday my friend kay and i went to the mouline wool store, she moved to a bigger store and is very nice, i got some pink alpaca for a shawl for my sister, 2 balls of noro for socks and a pattern book, also some chunky wool for a scarf she had knit up for a sample,
i am noe knitting a sweater for aiden , socks,
next week end we to a course given by sally melville
cant wait to got ot it

Friday, March 7, 2008


a very nice day , but more snow expected, i have finished my vest and when i get it sewn together i will post a picture, i am now knitting little aiden a sweater.