Monday, August 17, 2009


it sure is hot 41 degrees with the humidity, i went out to take garbage but couldnt breath so came right back.

i finished knitting the green shawl for my daughter in law for her birthday and a pair of socks took picutues will put them up when i find out how to do it . now i have the baby pants to finish which i will do this week then the black shawl for shari a gal at my work then on to new things i want to make mitts for xmas for several people ,
till next time

Monday, August 10, 2009

week end

This weekend we went to a guild members for the weekend she livers in the county near the us border so lovely and she and her husband are great hosts, there were 7 of us , four slept over. so nice to sit out side and knit, talk, eat and drink cofee, tea and wine, i knit on my black shawl for Shari, we also did show and tell.
she plans on making this a yearly thing,
when i got home i got a call they were taking my grandaughter out to supper for her birthday which e=was friday. we went to a buffet, where they have every thing arranged in order, like italian, chinese etc.
my poor diet sure went to hell oh well back on it to day.