Saturday, November 29, 2008


questionnaire for SP13
I thankful for my family and friends, my lovely granddaughter and my great grand sons,
also for all the yarn i need to knit many things, and a nice place to live

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SP13 questionaire

no 1== I like most yarns but i hate coton and acyrlic

no-2-i store my needles in proper containers for the needles

no 3- i have been knitting for 60 plus years and was taught by my grandmother, i consider myself an intermediate knitter

no-4no i dont have a list on amazon

no 5- my favorite scent is lavender or citrus

no6-yes i have a sweet tooth but am unable to eats junk food

no 7- i dont spin and i do card making

no8-my music is easy listening

no9-my favourites are pink, purple, blues and i hate yellow and brown

no 10-am a widow and live alone and no pets
no 11- i do wear hats mitten and scarves

no 12- i like to knit mostly small thing, socks hats scarves sha wls

no13- i have a shawl and socks on the needle now

no14-yes i like hand made gifts

no 15- i prefer circular and bamboo

no 16-yes i have a swift and ball winder

no 17.-my oldest ufo i s 2 months old

no 18=my favorite holiday id Christmas

no 19-i collect sheep ( no real ones HA 0o

no20-i subscribe to almost all the most magazines and the only needles i want are ther expensive one the square on

no 21-not really no new technique

no22-yes i am a sock knitter and i take size 8 shoe

no23- my birthday is February 2

no 24 yes i am on raverly and in ID is rubes

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

answers to the questions

the first cup of coffee wakes me up
yes i drink coffee daily
i take my coffee with creamer
i drink it while on the computer