Saturday, May 31, 2008

secret pal 12 continued

no 14 do you like to receive homemade gifts yes
no 15 do you prefer straightm circular needles, i prefer circular and bamboo
no 16 do you own a yarn winder and /or swift yes to both
no 17 how old is you oldest ufo , about 2 months
n o 18 what is your favorite holiday
no 19 is there anything you collect , no
no 20 any books , yarn needles you would like to get your hands on yes square needles
no 21 are there any new techn iques i would like to learn , how to enlarge a pattern
no 22 are you a sock knitter and my shoe size is 8.50
no 23 when is your birthday february 2
24 are you on ravelry, yes id rubes

secret pal 12

no 1 what is your favorite yarn, wool, alpaca , sock yarn, merino
no 2 what do you store your needles in i have needle trees
no 3 how long have you been knitting, 60 plus years, my grandmother taught me when i was 6 or so, i consider myself intermediate
no4 do you have an amazon list, no
no 5 what is your favorite scent; lavender

no 6 do you have a sweet tooth, yes i love chocolate.
no 7 what other crafts do you do, i made cards and no i dont spin
no 8what kind of music do i like, easy listening
no 9what are my favorite colors, purple, pinks, i cant stand yellow, black and brown
no 10 do you wear scarves, yes
no 12 what is you favorite thing to knit, most anything
no 13 what i have on the needles 2 shals, baby sweater and socks,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

baby aiden

Sunday was baby Aiden's baptism, he was such a good boy and never cried, we had a lovely lunch at the grandparents home, beautiful day so we sat outside, and he got lovely gifts,
i have finished knitting a shawl and have started another one and am on the foot of the second sock, yesterday we had our knitting bee, there is 5 members, we had it at Mary's where her hisband did a bar b que, hambergers and hot dogs, french fries, cole slaw, wine of course, for desseet rice pudding, tarts, coffee all very nice, Pat is knitting a vest , Kay a scarf and Edna a scarf myself socks ans mary was helping Pat, so a very nice day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ufo trip

the first weekend of may the knitting guild 6 of us went on a ufo (unfinished objects )
we went to Kingston, where we had a blast, we met up with two of my friends from there and we went yarn shopping and also to a mill where they make yarn , we had a good time.
i am still working on my socks and shawl, on my shopping venture i bought yarn for my nieces little girl to be born in sept.
lastr night at the meeting we have stash sale and elected new executive committee.
sunday little aiden is being baptist.
his ful name will be aiden james.