Thursday, October 30, 2008

answer to question no 2

when i was kid i loved Halloween, as i lived in the country and every one knew every one and we had no where to buy costumes, we made our own, we used a pillow case for the mask with the eyes , nose and mouth cut out, we had to find clothes that no one woulkd reconize as when we went to the houses they tried to guess who we where, so much fun, now i live to see the kids in all there costumes especially the little ones

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Saturday and Sunday , i took a work shop with Beth Brown-Reinsel, she is an excellent teacher, Sat, we made a mitten, of course i only got the cuff done but that is akay as i know how to do fair isle, Sun,we made a mini sweater , loved doing it, i didnt finish it but did on monday , i love the way the cast on is done for sweaters,no more ribbing for me, of course i bought 2 of her patterns,
yesterday (monday) was very rainy and windy but no snow, today i am going to my granddaughters new apartment to help her. iam still knitting on the shaw about half way then to the frill.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

autumn coffee swap question no 1

my answer is i love the colours of the trees and the nice sunny days ( if we have any)

Monday, October 20, 2008


question no 4 should of read socks instead of cocks, sorry

Sunday, October 19, 2008

questions for coffee swap

no 1 i knit started when i was 7 years old
no.2 wood needles and circular
no3. socks and scarves
no 4.
cocks scarves baby things shawls
mo5. socks and a shawl
no6. merion alpaca, silk
no7. pastels, varigated
cooffee; no 1, any kond
no2. medium
no3, ground
no4. creamers
no5. taste
no6. yes, tim hortons, second cup
no 7 in a mug
no 8. sweet
about me
no1, card making
no2; sheep
no3. nice cool sunny days
no4. vanilla, apple fruity
no 5 melons
no 6 yes rubes
no 7 knitting with friends,

sunday again

i had full week, tuesday swimming, ww anf the mkg meeting, there were owners from a wool store there with samples, very nice people, and they have a nice store as i have been there twice, wednesday i went to the theater to see scorches , very good then 4 of us went for supper in old montreal, it was such a nice night we just walked around for a bit, thursday nothing, friday shopping and saturday i went shoppong with doreen and emilia . i bought emilia winter coat, then they came here for supper, i had roast pok, carrots, turnips, parsnips, and potatoes and for sdesset i made an angel food cake with strawberries and dream whip, aiden was such a good,
on kbittinbg my shawl is coming along well and so are my socks. it is beautful fall day here in montreal sunny and all the colors fo the trees

Sunday, October 12, 2008


today is going to be a lazy day with knitting, a lady from WW gave 6 baby sets, for the guild,i hae to put ribbon in the bonnets and sew on buttons they are so cute, i sorted out my clothes and 3 bags to give to the handicap. gpt my stocking filled with goodie to be sent to my pal, since i dont have any one to share a turkey with i will order chichen from the restaurant, hope all my canadian friends have a happy thanksgiving.

Friday, October 3, 2008


i had a funny experience today, i met a friend for lunch at scores and had to visit the rest room, so I walked into and went in one stall, did my business and came out and there was a man there . so i said you are in the wrong room. no he said I was, we had a great laugh, as there was no urnials in sight. marg was with me she was embarassed but i thought it was funny and did the man . then i went to the cafe and met shirley and barb and drank coffee and sat knit until five then i came home and supper, it is cold so tomorrow i wil clean the heaters aand put the heat on
yesterday i spent part of the day with emilia, aiden and doreen, emilia went loking for an apaertment.