Friday, October 16, 2009

oct 1`6th

today is my son birthday i can hardly beleive he is 47 . last friday i hosted s small group of knitters we had a great time kathy, doreen, shirley, lisa, una, kay and myself we had a good time. then on monday i had our knitting bee, mary edna, kay and pat came for lunch . on thursday my sister came from ottawa we stayed at peters, and on friday we up north had a nice time went to check out a spa and the cassino which i won 100.00 then tuesday i went swimming and the to the guild meeting i hosted some games one was the fastest knitter, also 3 other games most everyone enjoyed them we also had to wear some orange or black knitted thins i made an orange sock pin
i also knitt a pr of mitts and slippers and have finished aiden;s sweater

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sept 10

I went north for the weekend , had a nicce time just sat in the sun and knit, i am knitting mitts for the schools i plan to 6 pairs. i went for 2 walks and on the w11 . had good company/
tuesday night we had our first guild meeting , only 20 people signed up but expect more will come next month. oct meeting is games night i have 4 games ready to be played will tell later what they are. i finally finished my 2 shawls, a black one, and a grren one . knit 5 pr mitts for xmas gists. on my needles i have mitts, shawl, vest , some for xmas mitts , and a sweater for aiden
today i go to the dr and am meeting a friend for coffee before

Monday, August 17, 2009


it sure is hot 41 degrees with the humidity, i went out to take garbage but couldnt breath so came right back.

i finished knitting the green shawl for my daughter in law for her birthday and a pair of socks took picutues will put them up when i find out how to do it . now i have the baby pants to finish which i will do this week then the black shawl for shari a gal at my work then on to new things i want to make mitts for xmas for several people ,
till next time

Monday, August 10, 2009

week end

This weekend we went to a guild members for the weekend she livers in the county near the us border so lovely and she and her husband are great hosts, there were 7 of us , four slept over. so nice to sit out side and knit, talk, eat and drink cofee, tea and wine, i knit on my black shawl for Shari, we also did show and tell.
she plans on making this a yearly thing,
when i got home i got a call they were taking my grandaughter out to supper for her birthday which e=was friday. we went to a buffet, where they have every thing arranged in order, like italian, chinese etc.
my poor diet sure went to hell oh well back on it to day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

raining again

i have been back a week from Kingston, had a good time we shopped, rode arround in the convertible car, went to fan fary saw lot of nicce things and of i had to buy , also went to a jewellery party which of course i bought something, a pink pendant and ear rings to match and a xmas gift. i also bought some baby clothes for Aiden, poor Aiden and Emilia are both sick today, i hope the soon feel better , o h while in kingston i only bought enought yarn to make 3 pr mitts for giftsm i have so much knitting to do now baby pants, 2 shawls make that 4 mitts and other things. apparently i was the first to finish my shawl so i won the bottle of wine,

Sunday, June 14, 2009


yesterday was WWKIP day, so the montreal knitting guild went to a members garden for the day, there was 14 members attended we sat in the garden and knit . talked, showed yarn, projects finished or doing had our lunches, and enjoyed the sun. thanks Shirley for the use of your garden
today the sun is shining but is suppose to rain again.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

thursday may 28th

last friday I a few friends in from the montreal guild we had agood time, we knit a bit, talked eat drank wine and played games,
it was nice to entain again, i really like that i mad cupcakes and dec orated them licorice forballs of yarn and toot picks doe needles and some i used color icing to make a shape of a sock.