Friday, October 16, 2009

oct 1`6th

today is my son birthday i can hardly beleive he is 47 . last friday i hosted s small group of knitters we had a great time kathy, doreen, shirley, lisa, una, kay and myself we had a good time. then on monday i had our knitting bee, mary edna, kay and pat came for lunch . on thursday my sister came from ottawa we stayed at peters, and on friday we up north had a nice time went to check out a spa and the cassino which i won 100.00 then tuesday i went swimming and the to the guild meeting i hosted some games one was the fastest knitter, also 3 other games most everyone enjoyed them we also had to wear some orange or black knitted thins i made an orange sock pin
i also knitt a pr of mitts and slippers and have finished aiden;s sweater

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